Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Many Can I Pick {pic}?

Did you, as a child, walk along and pick flowers out of any ol' yard that you chose? I sure did! I remember doing it. Wonder how I would react if I saw a child picking flowers from my garden? Hope that I'd just smile thinking that they were bringing their Mama home a bouquet. My Mom was always the recipient of my five-fingered-floral gift....  sorry Mom!  But then, you knew I hadn't grown them myself... ha!

Still walking about, spying the neighborhood flora, instead of picking it - now I PIC-ture it!

On a duty-free day, my wish was to go nursery and garden browsing. I visited UC Santa Cruz' botanical garden.....

Some of the strangest looking species, huh? The garden was a "sun" type with plantings from Australia and New Zealand.  Far from the garden I tend, and the ones I'm usually fond of. This made for a good learning experience.

UC Santa Cruz also has an agricultural farm. I walked the tractor path through the garden gate {without gathering wildflowers!} and found the farm... and I'll share that beauty next time.

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