Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Math... or A Changed Vegas Equation

Vegas = Calm ????  I equate time spent in Las Vegas with nightlife + drinks = Dancing and staying out late. Gambling + debauchery and  over-the-top EVERYTHING! Well, that is how I saw it years ago when I visited. I had only been to Vegas twice, and we were asked to join my brother and sis-in-law. Alrighty then - we could enjoy some time at a resort, but party, drink and debauch??? hmmm - doesn't sound like the life we have been, or should be leading right now. Ah, heck - Just go for it... we'll make it a new Vegas.... designed just for our "changed" lifestyle.

Colorful sunsets = sense of calm ~

Rather than dancing, we changed it to walking. Our first days walk was while sightseeing at Hoover Dam. OH, WOW! that Dam is more than over-the-top....

Art Deco design ~

We even entered another state ~

Upon completing our mini walk {in which Hubby did very well}, we headed back to the resort for some relaxation and hydro-therapy. I'll go collect my thoughts & shots and post them next time....

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