Saturday, April 14, 2012

Enamored With Party Hens

Seems I've been remiss in fully introducing and writing a post dedicated completely to my newest love.
Or, LOVES, as it were.

tap, tap, tap... {drum roll, please}... Say hello to    Biloxi Brown, Clarabelle & Penny ~

This Bantam (small size) is Biloxi ~

You've seen Clarabelle a few times, nearly always in photos and posts where I'm gardening. She is the next-door-chicken, aka: party-in-my-yard-chicken. Clarabelle is part of a clutch of seven or so hens. She is a stand-out as the only white one. She also stands alone because of her ability to claim a party house when she sees one!! Clarabelle has been hopping the fence to our yard - numerous times daily for the last few months. She also brought along a cohort in crime.... that is Penny.

Clarabelle & the girls in the dusty yard next door :-)

maybe Tony's ladder is how she found her way?

Penny is a tall lady with silky copper "Penny" colored feathers. I think she's now in recovery, as she only happens by the party house periodically. She dances in the raised box {vegetable bed} and goes home once she's Watusied all over the tomatoes. Penny's a great one for pole dancing too .... well, I mean dancing on the pole beans 'til they're pulled up by the roots. Thank goodness she's trying to maintain some dignity!

Here's the chicken dance {only that's not Penny, it's Biloxi} and Clarabelle has joined too ~

Penny doesn't seem to stop by the photo booth too often... can't seem to locate many shots of her.

Then, there's this gal - Biloxi Brown - with a longer name than she's got legs ~

You're wondering what she's doing sitting in a tree, aren't ya? This is the first day I spotted her. Looking out the window, I couldn't help but notice the way this bush was moving. Biloxi was quite a surprise from the skies! Like a gift from the chicken-Gods. I'd always thought of the fun of raising chicks. Hubby & I have discussed it on numerous occasions. The timing never seemed right. Was this it now?

Check back soon and I'll spin a tail {purposeful mistake} about this sweet Banty who has much more moxie than size!

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