Saturday, April 28, 2012


At the end of our Hoover Dam experience we wanted for nothing more than good old fashioned Vegas hydration. No, I do not mean consumption of beverages of the Sinatra sort. Hydro as in poolside fun!

Soaking, sunning, floating... but most of all being completely blown away by a desert sirocco!! One mighty wind... nearly impossible to keep on a hat!

When it was five-o'clock-somewhere and  group consensus said yes to a "Sinatra-tini" then we became the the usual suspects of Vegas travelers - we headed to the Strip!  Many sights to see ~

Dinner on the banks of a Venetian canal courtesy of Hubby and his Strip winnings. {no, he didn't  take off any clothes} hhhee

A full moon and the brightest lights this side of Paris... and we saw that too!

Walking for physical therapy again on our second day... well, sort of walking... most of our tour of Red Rock Canyon was done on a paved loop in the car with spurts of viewing and pictures along the route.

The desert has a distinctively barren-not-my-cup-of-tea look. This canyon did hold my interest though.

And, then - just like that{insert snap of fingers}, the writing was on the wall....


Desert adventure of a whole new kind was over....

The new equation worked too... we visited Las Vegas and didn't do much of the standard hoopla, yet enjoyed this city in our own way.

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