Monday, February 25, 2013

BRRRRR... Picnic in Winter

Traffic along the mountainous route to the ocean was stalled....  brake, quick turn off, and find another loop. Instead, I surprised Hubby and we picnicked in the redwoods.  A table partially in the shade is not perfection on a winter afternoon. We wore layers. Coats of many colors! I even draped a blanket across my legs. brrrrrrrr

The strange round item Hubby is holding is a piece of venison salami. A cousin packed some venison into her luggage and it made its way to us from New York. The photo needed to showcase the salum so that we can share it with the cousins... and say THANK YOU!! Soon I'll journal about the weekend of New York family and the fun we had.

The last time we made it over the hill to the beach, we palled around with our dog-nieces. The two of them are the dearest little things. The girls are the four legged companions to one of my brothers. Their home is on a backroad in the agricultural fields of our coastal valley. This scene is just down the corner from them....  ->

The pups....

The beach was minutes away... oh lucky me!!  Picnics & Pets!!

This is the funniest photo.....

Blog trawling and pups appeared on the screen. Looks as if my dog charge is checking out the terriers too...

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