Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life and Challenges

For a dear friend...

It shines - through fog for some - and brilliantly for others. Wishing that the SUN. ME. ANYTHING.
Can bring you warmth and envelope you.

*                         *                               *

I'm no longer a part of her daily dialogue. The weeks and months of this new life have catapulted into years. And still she lingers.. hovering between two lives. Her new friends are strange(ers) to me. The mix of them able to find camaraderie in their sameness. She resides in homes that are like foreign lands.

Sweet friend - you are stronger than ever. Still pressing on. Even when you probably should not be! Your family with that same fate - EVER HOPEFUL! In my estimation they must be holding by a thread. Thread as thin as embroidery floss.

Rosary bead contraband. Those three words - made me smile. Made no sense. Made us laugh. You uttered them on a very late night phone call.  At least there is still humor.

I wish for much more than humor....  for YOU, more than anything!

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