Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Keeping to My Word??

That word I jokingly chose for the New Year was sticktoitiveness. A non-word actually. Here is where I talked about it ~ and loads of food! Well, yes, in some scenarios I've been diligent...

Spring cleaning while it is still winter, over at my house. I showed you my bedroom changes. The particularly petite hall closet  was in my sights as the next project. Holy proclamation!! I did stick-to-it! The closet got a make-over. It was bad in there, people! Could not have stuffed one more coat in the door {forgot to take a before shot}.

I will preface these photos with a wishful thought ~ I do ADORE the early stages shots, where there's next to nothing inside the closet. But FYI - that doesn't work here in 800-square-foot-cottage land! She's now all organized, albeit still filled to the brim, 'cause it's the only space I've got!

EMPTY and bare ->

Looks a sloppy, wet mess here .. but I papered the inside walls with pages of an old gardening book.

Chalkboard painted the inside of the door ->

Partially filled with storage containers and a board that has pockets to stash our mail, bills, etc. Wish it could've stayed in this state...

the rolls standing are contact paper for the shelves

There was wasted space on the upper wall, and if I elevated the 3-bin storage baskets, I could then use space at the ground.... so darn it anyway - had to"junk it all up" and put in a table first ->

more baskets, the iron fits on the table, slightly-used objects high above on a second shelf...

Some baskets hold toiletries for travel, other bins have electronic doo-dads, while other receptacles house papers; sewing essentials and light bulbs. Boy, do we have alot of stuff!! We surely do NOT live like my husband's Great-Grandparents that built this home in 1940!!

That's all she wrote - not a whole lot more can be said or shown of a silly, tiny hall closet! Still, I'm glad that it's done - now movin' on to the second bedroom. Home of anything-you-never-wanted-to-look-at !

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  1. great transformation! Onward and upward as they say...don't we all have a bedroom like that? I think I've got more than one...*sigh* I need help, or a new word, I like yours!