Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Notes and Hearts

During the "winter of cleaning" that has been going on in the cottage 'oer here, I've come across some fun mementos. They've got lots to do with love and heartfelt feelings and the showing of emotions.

Valentine's Day. Hearts and notes of love suit this day well....

Stuck back in a closet and refound - this vintage silk covered heart pin cushion.  The kind of odd object that I adore finding at an estate sale...  ->

This pink vintage candy box ^ was filled with cards, good wishes and notes of love. My family - Hubby, parents, brothers and sisters stuffed this box with goodness of the non-chocolate type for my 50th Birthday. The sweetness inside oozed with emotion.... 100 times more potent than a confection indulgence.

special notes from Hubby & my brother

Two vintage hearts -

A thoughtful note from my niece sent to me upon the eve of her college graduation. So happy that I printed it and stashed it away. Only to be found, and now coveted... never to be misplaced again.

On another night I will sit and share the delight I feel for some recent love notes....
They are ridiculously silly, quirky and one-of-a-kind!! All from my Valentine.

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