Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Madness... of the Non-Basketball Sort....

Hubby and I, also MIL and numerous friends share the month of March for our Birthdays. We always end up with quite the fiesta extravaganza for  the start of spring. This past week being no exception.

Let's open up the photo files and look at what we did ~

We sipped wine on more than one occasion


Shared time with family and friends...

Meals, noshes and sweets galore!

San Francisco and my Girls were in the mix (sorta early in the Bday schedule) ~

Yes, of course - we walked the beach a time or two ~

I gardened some ~

with chickens by my side.. they gave their interpretation of Birthday salutations!!

Madness of the sane crazily busy sort! All for fun. All to celebrate that which we are truly blessed and happy to have - another YEAR. (or any portion there of - we'll take!)

March! Spring has begun!


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