Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter & Lisa Kudrow Lyrics

The laughing-est family evening ever for Easter.

We drove to see my brothers and parents. One of my nieces in particular was the creator of some jolly time! My SIL is learning to play the guitar and she strummed for us first.. then the niece took over the guitar and added singing to the mix. Put her on stage and she can be a giggling, entertaining, raucous-laughing show!

Spring was present! Loved my SIL's flowers. My brother's pride-and-joy garden...

gift to the fam

With my "memory-garden" in mind, I thought to dig-up and divide iris from my yard. These particular bearded iris are from the garden of my Aunt Lorraine who passed years ago. Each spring I'm reminded of her when these beauties bloom. So, everyone was given a bag with a couple of rhizomes to place our Aunt's diligent work in each of their gardens... thus extending the spaces that memories will be evoked!

No egg hunt,  but I had dyed some at home just to place out for me to admire their color!

Lisa Kudrow will never know how many giddy-goat moments she inspired! "Smelly Cat" while not a traditional Easter hymn was the perfect touch to our Easter!

LAUGHTER!!!  good for the soul....

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  1. sounds awesome. Such a sweet idea to share bulbs from your family garden...saving the memories.