Monday, April 8, 2013

Japan and Scaramouche

Envision - an Italian restaurant, realistic decor and all - sitting in Kyoto, Japan. There is such a place. It's the new vision of Hubby's cousin. Our hopes are to visit sometime... we'll see how far we get!!

Creating an email and photo card to send to Japan, I sifted through some ephemera and souvenirs from our trips to Italy. Hoping to find something to gift to the entrepreneur. I've come up with a photo of a mask that was bought on a dark, rainy night in Venice. We purchased a Scaramouch - black with a long narrow nose, and a Bauta mask - white with a thick, protruding upper lip.

Here is mine ~

Scaramouch, I love you so!!... The nose is so long that its tip was broken off at a party - oh, so long ago!!

Here now is Bauta ~

Hoping that our cousin's fun combination of Japanese palates and Italian food takes hold. Most of all I'd like to have my mouth savor his cooking, and mine eyes tour the beauty of his adopted country!

Way to go, Rick!! Thinking of you and sending love and blessings...

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  1. Dear Shari,
    Tears r running down my face as I sit here reading r so talented and caring for all those around you. Thank you for this tribute to my son Rick, who by the way is entertaining his Dad who is visiting him for a week to share in Rick's life style and adopted country of Japan.
    Pat Moon