Friday, April 5, 2013

The Seduction of Spring

That ole' crusty winter has been whisked away. Spring sent the winds to push it out of our lives for the next half-year or more. Remnants of rain - droplets of winter tears - periodically sprinkle newly planted seeds.

Mesmerized and enchanted by Springs flirtatious ways... that I am! Walking takes on entirely familiar, yet fresh & new emotions..   How delightful the mimosa perfume punctuating the air!
Kaleidoscopic color feeding my eyes.  So enticing the soft pink fruit tree petals cascading from the boughs... only to land in diminishing puddles and float in circles for a time.

Spring - deserving of an award for starlet of seasons. You make me smile - take my breath away at the beauty of nature - I sit in wonder of it all!

Joys are abundant in my garden, at my home during this early springtime in California! Lucky me!

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