Friday, April 26, 2013

A Vintage Country Place vs. Techno World

Goat Hill Fair is about all my mind thinks of these days. The calendar is telling me to get busy! We've got less than three weeks til the show! Of course, in the midst of this - the computer's been down. I mean completely DOWN & OUT!! Not even residing in this household. It is finally back with me today.

Here are some ads, thoughts, posts that I've been sending 'round the social media sites to keep interest in our awesome event ~

The technology is back, but all previous applications ... (is that what they're called?).. are no longer on the hard drive. Unable to perform such tasks as those above ^... have to have someone, or moi (if I can figure it out) install them back to my ancient computer so I can make collages as these, or manipulate have fun with the photos I painstakingly take!

Taking the weekend off of all this tech-y $h**!!

Happy that it's Friday! Have celebrations to cherish these next few days!!

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