Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fourth (and not last) In a Series on Celebrating 25 Years...

I left off from the tale of Anniversary mega-celebrations with a photo of a monstrous building {click} and will continue {if you are inclined to read more) from this photo that you've already
seen ~

I was presented with an unpurchaseable statement of love. Hubby had, for months, been compiling memories, thoughts and scribble-drawings of highlights during our years together - some married years and some before that. That is the final page of the booklet in his hands. On his bucket list two items were checked off - marrying me, and staying so for 25 years. The third item on the list was for us to check-off that very evening. We were staying overnight at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay!!

Every square foot of this resort oozes luxury. The surprise was beyond comprehension, as this is very unlike us to stay in spendy places! No detail was left out. The room was littered with rose petals. The bed had towels shaped into swan hearts. We were greeted with "Happy Anniversary" wishes.

25 in petals

I laughed til I cried, and I cried - til I laughed. My chuckling at the drawings in the booklet had both of us gasping. A memorable place to sit and read this gift - ensconced in a dramatically large Adirondack chair, on a sunlit afternoon on the Ritz patio overlooking the grand Pacific. Perfection!

We had a private patio, and our own fire pit. We opted to stay on the patio all through the evening - who could waste a moment of that view? Dinner was a picnic here, with champagne to toast US!
The sky was blue... and as much a surprise as the gift, as Half Moon Bay is notoriously foggy! Sunset was meant just for our celebration!

A quick 24 hours we had, but you can't very well leave the beach without a walk in the morning!

Time for us to head home and for me to get up to the hill.. on the property with the goats, 'cause it was nearly the big day for Goat Hill Fair. Lots of work to be done. I've been busy as a bee...

Believe it, or not, the Anniversary stories are yet to be complete!! there's more to come.....

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