Sunday, June 30, 2013

And Then..... {Fifth in a Series on Celebrating 25}

May 14th - Hubby & I celebrated the date that we wed 25 years prior. In my post ~ Fourth in a Series, you saw what a memorable gift and experience this was. We've outdone, overcompensated, overly indulged ourselves for a month or more... yet, I still have another celebration to share.

This is the garden party that we invited my family and a small contingent of Hubby's to share in. A lot of prep, many days of work and most importantly a gorgeous and fun event was held in my Brother and Sister-in-laws garden.  We were sure to fete other celebrants and monumental life events on this day. A niece graduated from High School, and a brother and nephew had birthdays.

The tables were decked out in beach theme decor, with touches of silver for the 25th Anniv. Silver trophy cups and starry firework sprays for the graduate.

At our place setting - were these forks that I had engraved by a GOAT HILL artist just for this occasion. A SILVER memento for Hubby & me.

The glass with silver 25 monogram was a gift from a friend ^

Hugs & kisses aplenty  ^

Saltwater taffy cupped inside scallop shells as a favor (colors of pink chosen because this was part of our color scheme on our wedding day)

Beautiful niece reading her graduation messages ~

One gardenia blossom was ready.. and placed specially by my husband and sister-in-law, at my spot. Gardenias are the flower we had on our wedding day.

Handmade and VERY delicious cupcakes were created by our talented niece! She took an old family favorite recipe and adapted it to make these. Then she invented a special icing. She made the day so very memorable!

My MIL was the one responsible for this gathering. She truly wanted us to have a party to celebrate this big occasion. She definitely got this party started...

I believe I'm nearing the end on the Anniversary stories....
May was a month to remember - for sure!!

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