Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blog Reader Announcement..-Follow my blog with Bloglovin...

Read more than one, maybe two, and most assuredly 3 or more blogs on a frequent basis? I count myself in this category. It has been in the past that if one wanted to follow many blogs that they could sign-up and get a feed from Google Reader. Today is the last day for that. If you are interested in following Abundant Picnic in that way - you now will have to go to Bloglovin

I'll still be here, same place, same channel - you can find me and this picnic the same old way... {don't worry if you don't want to change}.  I'm just signing my blog up so that if someone {my dear niece that reads Abundant Picnic}wants to follow, I'll be on the Bloglovin list!

A big thank you to all that do read here! I appreciate the few of you very much!!  :-)

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