Thursday, July 4, 2013

Treasure Trove of Memories

Say it isn't so! I went and mentioned that you'd seen the last of Anniversary posts.... oops! - I had left out a special day Hubby & I set aside to roam our local haunts of years past (and present too). This was a surprise that I did for him.

A journey up & down our beautiful peninsula, taking in sights and places that had special meaning to us.

First stop (no, it didn't surprise Hubby) was at the church in the woods where we married.

 Recreated the bride roll here in this photo... haaaaa    ->

Moved our way north to San Francisco. That one-of-a-kind city, not too far from our home, holds many memories. I spent a lot of time in SF and was happy to share it with Hubby.                            
Golden Gate Park is where we landed.
We have paddled, walked and photographed most sections of Stow Lake. It is one of our fave places.
We attempted to lunch at Swan's Oyster Bar. The dang place was packed. A line outside it's door that people said they'd waited in for an hour and some change. Love the place - but, we had places to go!
China Beach. A Golden Gate Bridge view - so spectacular, so up-close and personal! Never tire of this sight! 
A champagne toast at The Cliff House
Most of the itinerary packed day was all an attempt to surprise Hubby and make the final destination a dinner spot that we've loved for decades, and is one that he never tires of speaking about.              
Here's the welcoming door knocker ~
A tented ceiling and fabric-lined walls... welcome to the casbah....
sorry for the blurry photo... so dark inside..
El Mansour - a fine Moroccan dining event....
A six course meal, taken leisurely, as entertainment swirls around you
Hubby was surely pleased ~
A San Francisco treat!! 

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