Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Play Bocce and Mangia!!

Time was, that I'd put together a schedule and have friends meet once a week to play bocce ball in a public park. Everyone bring their own picnic and gather for fun! That stopped a couple of years ago - just too hard to get enough people out to the park to play. That's sad commentary, huh?... too difficult to put play-time in our lives...... geeesh ..

I surprised Hubby and gathered some family & friends on a Saturday morn, brought along the goods for an afternoon repast and toted the bocce set inside my wheelbarrow to the local neighborhood park.

food galore!

Very few games of bocce. The picnic table was the place to congregate. No one even won the mini-trophy I brought along for tourney champ!

No matter if bocce was priority, or eating... we had fun nonetheless!!

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  1. fantastic idea! Yummy food usually gets a crowd together doesn't it!