Friday, July 5, 2013

All of That Annual Patriotic Partying... and Summertime Sunshine

Yesterday, and well - the last couple of weeks - have been chock-full of good time seeking. We've been doing anything we can to beat the heat. Temperatures have hovered near to 100* in our area - making for hide and seek games with the afternoon sun! I've gotten out of my darkened, fan-blown cave a few times to try and get some exercise. Sometimes I've opted {in the past} for mall-walking to be in air conditioned confines, but this is not one of my favorite venues. So many people, and too many distractions with window shopping!

Swimming pools are good places to hang out!

The garden is overgrown. Plums sweltering, and fermenting by the bushel in the gravel pathways.

Our hand-wrought wooden baskets far too small to hold the bounty from two trees ~

Lavender bunches trimmed...

{I have to say - I love reading blogs that mention harvesting lavender, and then then performing the ultimate DIY with said harvest. Unfortunately, this is not me! I trim just to downsize the plant}

And, yes! - we did also participate in patriotic partying. The 4th of July is just days past one of my brothers' birthday - so there is an annual celebration of both....

This morning brought cool air to my fluttering curtains.... very grateful for this! Yet, I realize there are still months to these ..

                      DOG DAYS OF SUMMER ~

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