Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On This Day....

We have given others the right to choose whom they will love, share their life with and the equal right to be bound together - a commitment not to be taken lightly, by any of us! EQUAL... the main concept here. No one of us is above or beneath another. All humans on one planet.. that should be trying to get along - and LOVE one another!

This is a photo of Hubby & I celebrating (what else!) our anniversary of 25 years of marriage. I felt it just the right statement to add the symbol of the "equal" colors and profess my happiness that others will have the opportunity to dream of years together in the relationship of marriage - if they so choose!


  1. it is a time for celebration! And about time too!

    1. Hello Joanne...
      How are you??
      So good to hear from you... and yes, this was a day for celebration! Hooray!!