Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Alright Autumn! Mary and I Are Ready...

Morning Ritual goes something like this - Hubby rises, earlier than I. Always during the summer months he'll click off my personal mini fan sitting on the dressing table.Then he unhitches the shutter arms and opens the windows of the bedroom. I love the feeling of morning dampness. Hate when the heat has already finagled it's way into the first of light....

OH, how cozy it feels to have cool, crisp, apple-smelling air float through the curtains ~

Dew has made an appearance of late ~

I've been taken with amber waves of grain weeds  ~

A sighting of orange orbs ~

And, this very sure sign that the sun is sending extra rays to another part of the world for awhile...

I was caught off guard while riding Mary-the-bike! I'll be darn if the time didn't go and change on me! It's suddenly dark much earlier. I could barely see what was ahead on the bike path. I ran over a fairly large tree limb  stick that got caught up in the spokes and was wedged. Good thing it didn't abruptly stop Mary-the-bike and send me over her handlebars! Numerous knights in shining armor asked if they could assist. I did it all on my own... as any respectable bike rider would.

Laughing to myself! You are just going to have to see this clip that I've added about bicycles. It even has something to do with Picnics!! What a crazy, silly video. (no monkees were harmed during the filming of this video) hhhahaaa

Mary-the-bike, you and Autumn are two of my very favorite things!

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