Friday, August 12, 2011

Much Needed "Rhubarb Pie"

Those lemon filled days still surround us. At times we've made gallons of lemonade (figuratively) hoping to add enough sugar to that sour and bitter taste. Periodic smiles, nightly cool downs in the pool, and home cooked meals are the best we can manage for normalcy.

Ever thankful that my Dad has continued progression to good health, yet I am caught off guard at the frequency in which my eyes are tear filled. I'm leery of phone conversations with anyone other than family. I suppose I am running, escaping and denying.

Doing all that I can to pretend that life is picnic-like....

I picked sun-warmed wild berries on my walk in the mountains today....

If only to climb up in this tree house and take a little nap....... ahhhhhhhh (isn't that the cutest gnome-like place?)

Found beautiful blooms ~

Spied a possible start to Autumn ~

I've gotten my fill of piece-of-mind pie. I will soon head back to the ring where Dad is in the (hopefully) final round.  His robe is on already. Next will be that winner's belt..... I'm sure as anything that the decision for his corner will be Heavyweight Champion.  When all is said and done we will toast with sweet, bubbly champagne and not a glass of lemonade.

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