Monday, August 15, 2011

Banks & T V - No, Not Tyra!

If only PBS had aired their farcical British romp: Keeping Up Appearances - well, then I could've laughed out loud tonight (which I desperately need). Instead I thought up an episode in my head. Here's the reason why.....

This creek side picture was taken on my walk this evening..

Somehow the scenery I captured brought me to this silliness..>

It's a rather long You Tube video, but suits me very well. You can skip it along, just be sure not to miss the PICNIC parts, or the riverside goings-on! Oh how I've chuckled at this kooky cast of characters. I rarely see it anymore.

A riverside picnic is the theme of this piece, but rather than call it what it is the main character comes up with a more hoity-toity version and calls the picnic a waterside supper with riparian entertainments!As I had no clue what riparian meant when I first saw this.... I went to look it up. Riparian means: "of the river bank".

My hill top walk tonight was a riparian delight!

Maybe some day I'll write up invites that snootily ask my friends to join me along the riverbanks for riparian entertainments. Sounds very fun to me!

Here's another lovely view tonight ~

Walking, sunsets, water ways and laughter are sure good for the soul!

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