Monday, August 15, 2011

What Message Am I Sending ??

Here we are - all smug. Happy, smiling and glad to share some hours of fun...

Hubby & me

Here's some of what we did...

Enjoyed a multiple stage jazz festival.  Ate dinner outdoors in the warmth of a summer's eve... while live music serenaded us.

All of this on our way to see...

The uber-retro-hunky Michael Buble'. Great show!.....

But also, we had stopped in this place...

a local pet store on our way ...

Where upon I may, or may not have stuck my finger a bit too close to a rat cage. And hence was given a look see at Mr. Rodent's mighty fine chompers....   OOOWWIIIEE!!

Onwards til today..

Minding my own business, driving in my car... my hand by my side and all of a sudden I'm yelling and shaking my hand...    OOOWWIIIEEE!! AGAIN!! I got stung by a bee, or bitten by a meat-wasp. I won't get technical. It hurts! On the tip of the finger next to the rat finger.

Here's the culprit >

He was still clinging to my shorts when I exited my vehicle!

I got home and immediately iced my finger. Have a look at the ice pack!! >

are you kidding me??
A smiling bumble bee to soothe my pain???

So, really, what message is my body sending anyway?  BITE ME ??

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