Friday, August 19, 2011

Music To Soothe The Soul

Never woulda thought that I'd be attending music concerts during such a traumatic time in my life. Who knew, huh? Our attendance at no less than three venues (in 4 days) must be evidence that melodies can charm their way right into your psyche and bring you to another world - away from that REAL one - where I just may want to stay.

A new friend called with free tickets to see this chick >

I had no idea who Aimee Mann was. Here you see she's done music for movies. There are other movie pieces that I found on You Tube too. This tall, slender singer really BROUGHT IT! never imagined that I'd be entranced. I was. Aimee could talk up the audience, spin a yarn; oh, what funny tales she told. Her language could be  foul, yet she wasn't rough - it made everyone chuckle. The show was simple and clean. I'd go again. Of course, I'd love for it to be free again, too!

Even sipped a glass  paper Dixie cup of wine!! Does that make wine taste better or worse?

While I was completely absorbed during the concert, there were still moments of reflection - where all of a sudden I was switching to Dad and his circumstances. Any sad note, or whiny inflection made me suddenly aware that I was not THERE. There near my parent's home. Visiting daily and sadly roaming hallways again.
It's time to go back and stay with my Mom.....   the tug of my heart; there's no soothing that!

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