Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Healthy Dose Of Unhealthy

Not the action packed day that I was thinking of when I said I needed to add a bit of activity to my life. Kinda funny/sad when I've decided to photograph and journal about this ~

A box of Psycho Donuts found it's way into my kitchen. What's Psycho Donuts, you say? errrmm, well.... hard to explain really. Psycho is a unique bakery that concocts creative bakery items. Strangely named, and containing even weirder ingredients. Pretty fun place to check out. Guess it  really does add a new sparkly twist to the grey days of "rut" I'm pouting about.

Exhibit A : above ^ is of the seasonal variety. One of Santa's reindeer, in jelly-filled donut form. Seems to be Rudolph by the looks of it! Cute, huh? Raspberry schnoz and all! He's named Grandma's Revenge...

Exhibit B: below : This guy is called Comfortably Numb ~

Healthy this, and healthy that, and walking to and fro.... nearly daily comments from me on these two subjects. And now here I am posting about fried dough!!  GEESH!!

The silliness of these breakfast pastries is, though, a huge dose of healthy FUN! Perfect way to start the day!

Sorry that I forgot to get a portrait of the Dead Elvis....
Just for fun look at these additional menu items ~

Psycho Passionata
Crazy Face
He’s got the cutest little Crazy Face!
He’s a raised donut with maple
glaze; topped with custard-filled
donut hole eyes and nose.
Kooky Monster
This Psycho favorite is topped with
crushed Oreo® cookies
Spare Tire
It may look like a spare tire, but this
chocolate-spiked raised donut is a
smooth and tasty ride!
Rocky Road
This crazy road is the Highway to Hell.
Chocolate cake donut, chocolate
icing, peanuts and mini
The Jasonut
Jason is coming for you! Buy him for
the chocolate raised dough. Fear
him for the bloody raspberry filling
and powdered sugar hockey mask!
Death metal knocked this guy off
his rocker! If raspberry jelly filling
gives you a head rush, he's your
head trauma man!
Vee haf looked deep into zee
science uf zee donut-crazed mind,
und determined apricots vill make
anyone ah glazed fritter fanatic!
THE Michael Jackson
Chocolate cake donut covered in
powder sugar. Take it home to the
kids . . . but don't let it sleep over!
Comfortably Numb
Sit back & relax . . . 'cuz you don't
have any other choice. Find your
inner chocolate in this filled chillaxin'
Crunch Hunch
If you fantasize about a chocolate
threesome, we got a hunch you'll be
infatuated with this menage! Nestle
Crunch, chocolate icing on a chocolate
cake donut!
Our customers get all Gilligan over
this one. Custard-filled with
chocolate & freeze-dried bananas, it
will take you to your island happy

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