Sunday, December 11, 2011

Urban Evenings or How Shari Got Her Groove Back

I love the nightlife, I love to...  BOOGIE ??? not sure on that particular point, but I've actually witnessed the moon rising lately!

A few weeks ago I mentioned a book signing. Along with my mother-in-law, we ventured out in the dark to our version of the BIG CITY. Actually in size and population, I guess San Jose can be considered Metropolitan. It's no NYC, to be sure, but there is some nightlife. I just don't have much boogie after five!

This book was written by a family member of a family member...

Our local paper wrote:
Strike Two-A Steamy Little Romance

The newly opened, hottest spot in San Jose, San Pedro Square Market Bar is the location for this no-host, ladies-night book signing. The Market Bar has created a signature cocktail in honor of the event. It's called Romance Beckons --a heady blend of fruit juice and liqueurs, and deliciously pink, of course!
Kinzie will have her pen ready to sign books (and autograph cards for those who use e-readers). She'll also have a few books on hand for sale. You don't have to purchase a book to join the party.
What to wear:
Whatever you want, but Kinzie is dressing up: sky-high heels, slinky dress, the works! Why not? It's fun and this evening is about fun!

Skirt, pointed toe heels (not sky-high) and leopard print jacket - I got my BOOGIE BACK! Just long enough for a cocktail and a signed book. Twas fun while it lasted...

the author and signature cocktail
 Different city scape, different event ~

Didn't see a film...

Didn't get inked either...

Like a hip-metro couple, we sat at a banquette in a dimly lit, yeasty scented tapas bar. I felt nearly 30..40 mkay - the full 50 something that I am, but completely an URBAN-ITE!!

Pour me another Manhattan, please! and while we're at it.... FLY ME there too!

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