Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quaint Country Christmas

Barn lofts outfitted with lit Christmas trees... now, that's a smile inducer!! I'd love to have this out in my back forty!!


Farm in snow via Country Living ^

my own photo
Tricking myself into believing that the simple, natural, and inexpensive trinkets I've decorated with are of the sweet country style above. Yes, well, a form of sugarplum dreams really.  Maybe our cottage is more Charlie Brown-ish than not!

Pulling mammoth bins from the rafters isn't on Hubby's list of activities to do safely. Thus, not the annual lovelies to peruse and pull from in order to deck the halls. Doing quite alright anyway...

A fresh green sprig here, and a paperwhite there, with a few strands of twinkle everywhere.

Started on the tree. Wrapped the vintage fruit picking bucket (very country!) in toile fabric. But, if you set your eyes near the top of the tree you'll notice that the lights never make it to the top. I got started, didn't have another strand, and still haven't made it to Target to get more. Pretty sure the tree will still look this way on Christmas day! Even less decked out than Charlie Brown's... not one ornament hung, nor popcorn string either. Oh so quaint.... or oh so lazy, however you wanta look at it!                           

Greenery hung here and there.....                                                                           

Paperwhite bulbs that I forced. Pieces of shrubbery from the yard. Simple and natural.

A sadly pruned topiary that sports a couple of baubles...  oh so C. Brown-ish!

Feels okay to go minimal. Ya know what really makes me smile?? I'll feel so happy after New Years when clean-up and pack away take less than an hour!!   Yahoo... that'll be a good way to start 2012!


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