Saturday, December 24, 2011

Uniquely Ours

Nearly always I opt for different. Even without asking to, out of the norm is exactly what this Christmas has been! Really?... it has mostly been quite nice!

Stanford Memorial Church for a dose of spiritual loveliness ~


Christmas cheer shared at the hospital. Hubby walked a very big hill. Chasing the sunset to the top. We didn't get there in time, but it was clear, crisp and refreshing to be outside.

We visited some city horses ~

Our traditional family dinner and gifts was postponed due to illness. Hubby & I ate marinated crab in candlelight with a movie going ~

Late eve visitors stopped by for some bubbly cheer and a plate of homemade Italian biscotti from our neighbors.

Time to give Santa free reign of the house. Leaving the lights on outside. Burrowing 'neath the warm covers to escape the chill. Christmas comes but once a year - TOMORROW.  This year goes down in our family memory as one of the least traditional.

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  1. Love the pictures, Shari, especially the one of you and Joey!