Friday, December 9, 2011

The Regular

And, back to our regularly scheduled programming....

Walking and animals, that's what I do best most, five out of ten times at least! Good thing I write this for myself, seein' how if I had followers they might be awfully bored with the programming! hhaa

Freezing temps in the night, and sunny crisp afternoons. Leaves on the deciduous boughs are barely clinging anymore. Lawns are strewn with crunchy, brown, red, and gold confetti. The aftermath of windstorms. Hillsides of California gold are lightly touched with green.

Switching channels to the other regularly scheduled program ~



Zoo time is over for now. Back again in the newest episode, I'm sure! hhaaa


  1. LOVE this post Shari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The colors of the animals are breath taking...

  2. thank you Jennifer!! luv this place so much! Shari