Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I DO know that my friend Colleen was present at her daughter's wedding

her photo at the altar

I DO see why this beautiful place was the chosen setting

I DO hear music, at the very least laughter, that is music to my ears

I DO cherish my girlfriends

I DO believe this is one phenomenally beautiful bride

I DO see before them a view of the world - quite vast and full of peaks and valleys

I DO bear witness to the sunshine in their eyes and glow upon their faces

I DO hope that they continue to dance all the days of their lives

I DO profess a love beyond measure has been bound together in God's name

I DO wish for this couple a lifetime of complete fulfillment - individually, and together !

A weekend of beauty, joy, memories and wanting - that a girl could have had her Mama with her for this special day. Tears that were both happy and sad fell all day. It was nonetheless perfect in every way!

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