Monday, May 7, 2012

Picnicking in B

I've already shared these same thoughts on other social media sites, but just had to do it again for my own benefit on this - the journal of moi:
Abundant Picnic..

The title of this post is, in all fairness, very appropos to my personal blog- Hubby & I shared the sweetest of weekends together.... and it all began with a PICNIC in "B" ~

Morning at a BAKERY


Breakfast at the Beach ~

Beach strolling ~

Meet up with a Bestie ~

To toast a Beautiful Bride ~
and her beautiful bestie too...

Taking a Break ~

To chow on some Boiling fondue ~


Mine & Bestie's Boys ~

Head to our B&B ~

Time for Bed ~

All tied up in a sweet little bow... that's how this day felt. Like a gift!

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  1. Another great post Miss Shari... The baked goods made me hungry..