Friday, May 4, 2012

A Weekend Of Huge Emotional Proportions

Two events occurring nearly simultaneously. Two friends, from two different parts of my life. I will be present for only one celebration, the other doesn't need presence - just knowing!

Coco. A mate from high school. She, of the above average goodness and positivity. The friend, that I lost to cancer a couple of years ago - has a daughter that is marrying. To be asked to come and share this day with Kelly is a beautiful and kind gesture. There will be a few of her Mother's friends in attendance. I am packing clothes for a weekend event at the beach. Excitement is soaring, and emotions pouring out.

old photo.. Coco sitting on sofa left side - me beside her
Coco's beautiful girl is sure to mention her Mother. Pay some sort of tribute. Cry some tears. I'll be right there doing the same!

In another place, far from the wedding, my dear friend of all my adult years will be moving. Why might this be so emotional? She is the fun, intelligent red-haired gem that I thought I had lost also.
Moving from place to place, to place has been something she has done with much frequency in the last couple of years. The moving was from hospital to hospital and home again intermittently. Home only when her mind allowed for structure, normalcy, and happiness. She has somehow found her way. She is no longer lost. To me, nor to herself. Most importantly - to herself!!

Going HOME! There are not words to express how happy I feel for her. Please, dear God, let this be the ultimate homecoming... that there shall be no leaving.

Godspeed, sweet friend. Rest your head on your own pillow! Enjoy your days!

You both are loved!

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