Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No Goats This Time 'Round....

Wanna hear about chickens instead ?

Golden morning light; roses of golden hue picked for table decor ^

Our bantam girl - Biloxi - is still wandering about the backyard, sleeping in trees and stealing our hearts. There was a point I thought it possible that she was sick. Really? What do I know about chicken illness? Hubby saw it too. There's a long story attached to our fear of her perceived "chicken pox". Shortened version is that it took us hours to corral Biloxi, wrap her in a towel, follow instructions from the Internet to give olive oil and massage (sounds weirder than it was), decide to call our bird vet... proceed to be ridiculed, patronized, yelled at and demonized, let Biloxi free in the yard again, and thus decide to let nature take it's course. 

Biloxi Brown nesting
Illness scare was a month or two ago.  Days progressed and the 3 chicks... ya know - Biloxi, Clarabelle and Penny - still scratch about, make a ruckus, wreak havoc in the raised garden beds and make me smile. New issue now however. See that photo above? Biloxi sitting in a plant pot? She is brooding. Apparently there is a hormonal type problem when a hen sits on an egg, in a nest, hoping to hatch a chick. Some hens starve themselves as they never leave.  PULEEEAZE not another patient to care for......

We are able to lift Bil-b out of the pot to eat. Amazing she lets us near. She'll stay out wandering the yard in very short intervals... then right back to her nest. As yet, the ideas from others haven't worked.

Penny can be seen lurking in the Shasta Daisies - even without her cohort ~

Hit the "dislike" button on the chicken's eyes in photographs ^... too spooky!

Whatever the outcome may be.. and we're hoping for the very best... Biloxi chooses to live free and somewhat unfazed by the human world, thus we'll honor that. Whatever nature decides.

 Hop on out of that nest, little chick.... you found your way to freedom before, now do it again!

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