Thursday, May 17, 2012

The May Version at Yoder's Farm

Goat Hill. Beautiful site; even more splendid while hosting the Goat Hill Fair Antique event. Much of my posting last year was about that event, and the part I took in it by setting up a tent and selling. At the time I also wrote on my other blog ABUNDANT FINDS . What an experience and pleasure all of that was.

Fast forward eight months {glide right over that Hubby illness time}... and you have me at Goat Hill Fair - Act Deux. Yep, Cyndi - my Boss-in-Boots - decided to make this a bi-annual show. This go-round, however, I'm not setting up shop.  Oh, but I'm happy though... got me a different job!

Truly can't remember if I've written about this very much? hmmmm..
I was honored to be asked to write a blog and take photos for Goat Hill. It is a job I've taken seriously and enjoyed immensely. Sure hoping that the job can be mine in the following years.

Goat Hill is on the verge of it's second opening... just over 24 hours to go. I've been to the farm the past couple of days and the whirl of activity has me excited. Sure is looking good out there...

this tree is where my tent was in May

Baby goats have been born... just in time for opening day ~

Fixtures are rising from the sun parched grass, and other fixtures hang from tents of white

Tomorrow I'll gladly hitch on my cowgirl boots and make the trek over the hill again. A mid-day meal for all the worker bees needs to be set out and decorated. One of my jobs for the day.

Think I'll take my cue from this little guy ~>

and go get some rest....

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