Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How I See It...





Photo-a-day ..... I'm so very far behind!!! {words listed above are the topics for the last few days worth of Instagram photo-a-day project that I've been participating in}

My fingers are getting ready to snip basil, as it is already flowering... not a good sign... guess I haven't been cooking enough of late!

In love with this sign ^!!  Find it soooo adorable. Photo taken inside an abandoned house. Someone had their cupboard labeled... lest anyone else in the fam take her goodies??  <3

Oh, not sure now.  ADDICTION ? hmmmm  Probably food's a good one for me...
Then again, possibly the beach could be my addiction. I have a passion for it. I crave it. It makes me feel good. I can't get enough.... 

This may be very early morn. What the heck am I doing awake anyway? but the word for today is PLATE...

A little marbled rye {flown all the way from New York} on a bright yellow plate. Posted hours in advance. Now my stomach is growling... and I'm only just headed to bed. Not time for breakfast quite yet.

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