Friday, July 27, 2012

I've Got Sunshine...

Sunshine in a photograph.What would that look like to you? How does that subject translate to a single moment? ...

golden and heartwarming ^... and also this ->

Bright, straight-up glowing!

Who doesn't love a bit o'sunshine on a road trip???

Blurry, blurry Mr. Instagram! Photo-a-day asked for a road-trip though. Not my best photographic contribution to the blog.

Speaking of road trips - I probably haven't mentioned lately that I'm still writing on another blog. That blog is Goat Hill Fair.The road trip I mentioned there is about heading to the beach. Offering up all sorts of divergences... yes, even into the woods. Cruise a road less traveled on your way to the Moss Landing Antique event. I've been - and may plan a Sunday drive for this weekend again.

Dad's 82nd Birthday is Monday. A small, thankful celebration will mark his day on this Saturday. If we take along some sleeping equipment, I could wake up bright and early with the SUNSHINE
and be at the first Moss Landing booth in a matter of minutes! Busy weekend - road trips, celebrations and antiques - OH MY!!  {and don't forget Olympics too!}

Have a good one!!

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