Friday, July 6, 2012

Red, White and GREY All Day

Our 4th of July was spontaneous and fun. Only planned part was the reservation I made to stay in a Bed & Breakfast in a small town at the coast. No way of knowing that the day was to be foggy as all get-out. Worked out fine that the town of Half Moon Bay had no funding for a fireworks display - wouldn't of seen nary a one with that thick fog. Twas grey all the day!

Half Moon Bay did display their down-home, community spirit and anyone willing could march down Main Street in the annual 4th of July parade. The most popular portion being the dog march. Waggers, barkers, fluffys, gargantuans, minis, rescues, and handicapped....tons of dogs dressed in red, white and blue.

There was a pancake breakfast ~

We bundled up and smiled  ~

Small town, big heart!

We picnicked in a garden and bonfired at our B&B ~

We're often lucky to be joined by my brother and sister-in-law... Much more fun to share these special times with someone.

Dinner was seafood heaven

The only time we saw the sun... the entire day (no sunset either) ->

See the sun hiding back behind us??  :-)


Picture-a-day on the 4th was:  FUN - I enter my first photo on this post - the Bulldog with the Uncle Sam hat is pure definition of fun!

Picture-a-day on the 5th: On The Floor -

Picture-a-day for today (the 6th) was: Chair

She fits the patriotic color scheme so well!  ^

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