Friday, July 13, 2012

Taking In-Land'ers To The Shore

Our upstate New York family has paid us a summer visit. Their usual down-time on our West Coast generally happens in the wintry months. But, when the vacation coincides with June, July or August - let the Summer SHENANIGANS begin!!

We're packed into a few vehicles, loaded to the brim with myriad beach essentials. The lush, cool of the Redwood forest is awaiting us. Our mini home for 3 nights is a mountain cottage of 80 years {or so}. The sweetest spot, dear to our hearts. An enclave at the end of a dirt path, with a creek running below it.

This first night the youngsters get to come and trawl the grounds of Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Well, I'll for sure be joining them too. It's a must to ride the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster!!

Hubby's favorite "ride" - if you want to call it one - is this aerial tram ^  BOOHHRRR-ing!! hhaa

The youngest cousin keeps asking about palm trees. "I thought there'd be more".. so we'll have to indulge his need

Some may ride the railroad around the forest. I will go one day to a family function, back inland for a bit. Two of my brother and SIL's adult children are graduating college. Proud moment for us all.

Mostly we will sit upon our relaxed beach chairs, light up a BBQ, read and breath fresh air. Yes, inhale the clean, cool forest dampness and be glad that we're together. Overjoyed that we have TIME to spend. There've been some blips in our road-of-life, again. Happens, I guess...
More than ever, the need to be joyful and able to enjoy these places of beauty is a gift!


Picture-a-day yesterday was TEXTURE....

Guess what I was doing to obtain that texture photo??  ^ shhhh - be quiet about it.... trespassing, again
I found this door, and layers of pain, rust and dirt so interesting...

Today is Friday the 13th.... {no spookiness, please}. Picture-a-day is OPEN :

This picture for OPEN ^ was very nostalgic for me to get. I happened to be in the town where just a short part of my childhood was spent. This is the room where I went to Kindergarten. The school - to my surprise - is still OPEN!

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