Monday, July 30, 2012

When Last I Bought A Cup of Calm...{ huh??}

'Twas morning...

I drank tea from my CUP ... {oh, you know the drill! - Instagram photo-a-day}... see below ~

Oops... wait a minute, that's not me!  ^ That's no CUP, that's a bucket!... and I'm not nearly as furry either.. {well, except for my chin at this age}... hhhaaa

Ah, yes - here we go ~

Back to the storyline... 'twas morn, and time to be gathering goodies - packing the car; to have another family assembly at one of the Bros homes for our Dad's Birthday. The parents were in town.

My delegated duty for BBQ Birthday was appetizers.  Easier said than done when you have folks that equate appetizers with onion dip and ruffled chips. Then others that are vegetarian. Some that don't find "rabbit food" appealing. YIKES!! Almost can't go wrong with cheese though. Hubby & I are fromage-fiends from way back. We seek out cheese establishments on trips, we browse deli cheese aisles at the drop of a hat. Switzerland to France, Tomales Bay to Puget Sound - we've bought queso!
Today is no different ...THE LAST THING I BOUGHT  {Instagram again}

Goat Feta Cheese from the farmers market in town. Absolutely scrumptious!! Dang! gotta share - bringing it for appetizers. It was a hit served with toasted Kalamata olive bread, and homegrown freshly sliced tomato.

A toast to my Dad. That man that fought so hard exactly one year ago. He has hit the amazing marker of EIGHTY TWO YEARS! So remarkable - both he and his age...

That was our Sunday.

Today is CALM!

and today is July 30th... one more day of Photo-a-day July....

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