Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Healing Powers of a Sunflower

The tiny potted sunflower, with a head much too large for it's torso smiled at me as I passed. "Take me home". Better yet, bring it to a friend to cheer them. I was on my way to take my sweet friend home from the hospital. This would make the perfect addition to her room at the top of the stairs - the one that has windows to spare - and sun that shines brightly to keep the sunflower happy. Also to keep her happy.

The two of us; this friend and I, banter back and forth about her non-gardening skills and my gardening efforts. A green thumb, she is not. Plastic topiary trees used to grace the front window box of her home. So, bringing this living thing to her was meant to say I LOVE YOU, not take care of the sunflower and keep it happy. Yet, the little sunflower with the huge head is still beaming! She's done it! My friend may not be able to will her body into conforming to health, but she's now achieved a green thumb.

When last we talked, my friend explained that the poor flower was looking stricken and sickly. It's leaves drooping and head lolling. It amazed her that with a little attention she was able to revive it.

Keep up those healing powers of yours, dear girl! If you believe and pray, and work at it.....
you too will one day soon be healthy and stand alone without assistance! I believe in your gardening skills!!  :-)


  1. sunflowers are amazing, I planted a front bed with them just for neighbor who loved them so she could see them each time she walked in or out of her house, lol I loved them too, must plant some more this year!

  2. Beautiful sunflowers! They are one of my favorite garden flowers.

  3. Good for your friend and her developing green thumb!