Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bambi Then & Now

Are your tennies laced up? Walking shorts on and sweatshirt tied around your waist?? I haven't taken you on a walk in the hills for awhile. I much appreciate this cool weather when I hike.  My timing was different from the norm; I went in the late evening rather than morning. I took my camera along knowing that I'd spot a deer or five along the way.

Off we go ~

Always - such beautiful surroundings! above ^ and below too >

There were groups aplenty of Mommas and fawns. Seeing them together always makes me think of Bambi. I'm drawn to that Disney film. My parents bought me the album from the movie when I was a young girl. It was played on my small portable turntable. I still have that album!

I spotted a couple of really big guys, but they don't wait around for a close up portrait!

I was out during sunset. Gold and pink filtered through oak tree limbs....

And a parting song from that memorable soundtrack.....

Good Night!

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  1. take beautiful pictures!! I just took a photography class and learned alot, but I don't believe my pictures will ever look as good as yours!
    Enjoying my abundant picnic!!!!