Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beat The Heat

Why have I chosen a hot summer day to turn on the oven?

It's not yet sweltering ~

But then it's only eight a.m.......

In this little house of very little insulation - the summer heat ratchets up the thermometer quickly!

So, I go and decide to bake a quiche this morning...

Hurry, hurry!! get this thing cooking and outta the fire fast...

Pie crust filled with lots-o-goodies! Some veggies from our garden.

Then, what do I go and do???

Change my mind and eat "Breakfast Pizza" instead!....

So delicious! A chunk of baguette grilled on cast iron, spread some cream cheese, slice a fresh out of the garden tomato, grilled turkey sausage patty, and an aromatic sprig of my own basil!!

QUICHE for a later meal!!

No, I did NOT beat the heat ~

What I won't do for a great meal!!

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