Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red, White & Blue Revue

Time usually rushes past far too quickly when you're wishing the exact opposite would happen. The more you are enjoying yourself... and so hoping that this feeling could last forever, that is when the hour hand on the clock seems to spin. Somehow this weekend kept a perfect pace. We did much, visited many, ate volumes, got rest nightly, celebrated,  and still seemed to have time on our side!

How'd we do it all?   Look see   ~

I hiked for 3 hours, through 3 different County parks. During a heat wave.....

let's begin - with a hike

We picnicked with friends while cheering on a dear trumpet player... who, by the way, toots a horn mighty well at the age of 87!

We picked fruit by the buckets! Hubby shined every fruit to a gleaming purple perfection. Sharing them at all of our holiday stop-offs.

We celebrated a family birthday, included some red, white and blue and laughed for hours....


summer = corn on the cob
 and sparks flew at nightfall on an eve or two...

And the people ( and pet) in this household are tired, and ready to start the new week....

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