Thursday, July 14, 2011


What would it be like to have a life less abundant ? If the morning sun didn't seem to shine on your face any longer? How empty might my soul feel if I couldn't wander as I do; each day abundant in so many ways; like  one never ending picnic? Simply put - I WOULDN'T BE ME !

The freedoms that I talked about in my 4th of July post weren't merely written because of the holiday. I truly do cherish my life and the blessed way I'm allowed to live. If a day came and suddenly all doors were closed - if I could no longer walk, hike, bike, dance, shop, drive..... would I sit in shock, staring at the four walls and dream of what I was missing outside?

When the seasons come and go and trees change from bare and twiggy to green canopies; and onto flowering and fruiting ... as flowers sprout, gain fragrance, lose petals as they age - If I were unable to witness this divinity, might I wither and die? At the least a piece of my heart would crumple.

Should there be a time that birdsong, recorded music, film, written words give no pleasure to my senses - then I do know that I must be truly weary of life. For these pleasures are all mine for the taking, for the using for their utter SIGNIFICANCE to happiness!!

How might someone live without these examples? Well, I can tell you how they live..... NOT WELL! Also not as life should be experienced. There is someone very dear to me that has this sort of existence. As I listen, her voice is a whisper, yet her tone so very heavy. The hope for life's pleasures is yearned for..... but, beyond grasp. The closed doors are there for her, and most times there is not a key. The color, texture and noise of the world are often times now only seen through glass. HELL must look this way, I'm thinking.

Does she feel she's slowly sinking, circling.... down, down... melting towards the ground....?  Yes, I am visualizing..."what a world, what a world"... Drama and dark thoughts for this writing...

If only there were someone, some THING to pluck her from these depths.....

Hang in there, Love! Surely sunlight will cast it's glow on your freckled cheeks one morning very soon!

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  1. Wow!! Teary-eyed and praying for your friend!