Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where The Boys Are

My guy, Hubby, and his guys (friends) took over the backyard the other night. They probably would have commandeered the house, but the temperature inside hovered near 90. They opted for a tiny rustling of a breeze outdoors.

Once a month their group plays poker. They take turns hosting. Hubby tries his turn during the summer months so that the game can be played out under the walnut tree..... where there is much more room. Our 40's era cottage is a mere 800 square feet! The card room was unique and also utter perfection. Starlight instead of chandeliers.... well, almost - there actually is one hanging from a branch of the walnut!

Cards are dealt with a dime ante! Isn't that the funniest.... really?

Only a dime to have such a good time !!

I was gone most of the evening. Give the guys their space. Then once home I holed up in our bedroom. As the game progressed I could hear the whooping and chuckling. Think this has anything to do with it?

They  partake in a wee bit o'the scotch.....

Then by midnight every thing is  a bit fuzzy, just like this photo, and the guys call the game until next month. That's where the boys are every first Thursday of the month.

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