Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Space

Giving Hubby and friends their space for poker left me with hours of time to create my own space at any place of my choosing. If you know me it isn't hard to figure out where I might journey for "ME" time.


We live just over the hill (that's local speak) from the beach. Those of us grown up in Santa Clara Valley/Silicon Valley say we're going over the hill meaning driving over Highway 17 to get to the ocean. Santa Cruz is the nearest beach over that twisty, curvy road. Takes a mere half hour to get there!! Thank goodness!

I chose to drive a few minutes more to reach this beach ^ (New Brighton) that has miles of walking space.
Such a beautiful evening! The pelicans were in a feeding frenzy....

The diving skills of those pelicans is truly a marvel!

Reading, walking and arithmetic...  ha! house stalking were part of my itinerary...

check the deck on that baby..

I found homes of interest....

The birds found theirs too...

This decrepit ship hull is a landmark at Seacliff State Beach. I remember it from when I was a child. The local flying population has decided it makes for a McMansion size nest                    

Something about this whole scene was spooky. Reminded me of an Alfred Hitchcock film.....                   
yeah!! uuuhmmm - maybe THE BIRDS ??                  

By the end of the night everyone was happy, I'd found my space. Hubby & the guys had theirs. And even our feathered  friends had elbow room, good air to breathe and a sense of well being.                              

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  1. What a fabulous day, Shari!! I love those beaches. The sunken boat leaves me with great memories as well. I fished off that boat once, when I was about 12 years old. I had my 10-10-10 birthday on that beach last year too. I love the history of it, too. It used to have a dance hall on it in the 1930's. Wouldn't that have been fun!! LOVE IT!
    I also LOVE those wonderful houses you took pictures of. Oh, to have money!! :-)
    Enjoying my abundant picnic!!! Thanks for it!