Sunday, October 23, 2011

Creature Features

Not to be confused with this wacky show from childhood ~ Creature Features

Although - isn't that the perfect intro for a post done at the end of October...??? So Halloween-ish! Instead the sort of creatures I have in mind are all of the ones taking up camera space. Seems I've been click-click-clicking on every possible furry thing in sight! Love me some animals....

love this caterpillar's fall coat!

You've already seen these lovers. I just had to add them again ~

and others not quite so furry  - eeewwww, or maybe he is??? ~

even not so real.... but, REALLY ugly-spooky

Don't forget the farm animals that I shared ~

a new little hatchling from the other day ~

I've taken one, or five cat photos along the way ~

Just for the heck of it another fake critter .... wasn't able to take a photo of our real parrot for this post as he is sleeping. Just back from the vet and a bit of mini-surgery...

And a girlfriend's pup ~

No post from this house complete without a squirrel in the mix (excuse the blurriness, he's a fast bugger) ~

Caught the fella mid-air jumping out of my flower pot!!....arrrghhh

There are actually more creature photos, but this shall suffice. That baby bird of mine will be squawking my name awfully early in the morn. I'm DOG tired. The early BIRD catches the worm, don't ya know?

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