Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween House

Story time.   Rather than a spooky costume, it wears a Cinderella-ish one ~

Halloween hooligans are no longer parading down our street. The lights are turned out. In between candy duty there was plenty of time to think back on a Halloween day - 23 years ago. Our first day in this house!
How did we get to this point? Remarkable in the number of years that have drifted by. Amazing the changes to our abode, and in ourselves. Memorable the experiences, joys and people that have come in and out our door and our lives......

We had a very big year in 1988. Wedding vows were exchanged.

Months later we found our way to buy Hubby's Great Grandparents' home. Hubby did not see the possibilities; was not keen on the move. You really couldn't blame him - the place was a wreck! I couldn't locate the pictures of the interior to put with this post. Creatures and goblins could've made it home. We were unable to move our furniture in, it had to go in storage. Minor yet time consuming work filled our days until the end of October. On Halloween we decided to spend our first night here - on our mattress on the floor.

I do have some before and after outdoor photos ~

That beautiful walnut tree! The one that harbors those squirrels that I often speak of. Amazing the changes. I can see the years when I look at that photo above.

I laid the brick under our walnut to give us shelter beneath it's boughs, to allow for a table in which to PICNIC and break bread with loved ones. It wasn't at the very start that the yard became my creative space. Paths were forged in time and continue still. They pave the way through this place we call "ours", those paths are not always straight, often a brick will come away from it's moorings and need to be reset. I love that these bricks are nearly all reused and found. They've been a part of many homes and paths. And now these stones belong here - as do we!

our masks

Together - dressed for Halloween in 2011 ~

As in 1988, we'll be sleeping at the Halloween House in the home we've established - by following specific paths and winding our way through the many curves that life throws. Us & Bricks - sturdy as hell!!

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  1. You guys look SO smashing!!! I love it!! And, I love your story. I didn't know your house previously belonged to your family. How cool is that!!! You guys are so special!!