Monday, October 24, 2011

How Do You Boo ?

Everyone's got there own personal style for decorating. During the Fall season - Halloween sure has some zany
goofball-ian (totally made up word) types! The creativity out there is amazing. Somehow I'm not a fan of the over-the-top front yard displays. Don't get me wrong  - I'm mostly a more-is-more type gal. Mostly I'd just rather walk on past your home and smile at your choice of gourds and squash. Possibly even marvel at the fall color and flora in your landscape.

In our neighborhood there aren't that many children. I s'pose that's the reason that most homes only have a pumpkin or two in their yards. However, when I'm out walking in more youthful enclaves I notice the penchant for gigantic and mainly spooky decor.  And, I mean these people go  BIG !!  Like - nearly as close to this as possible ~

I might become a convert if they had that same Victorian home ! Or, what if  Lurch were to come answer the door, or Cousin Itt waddle out to greet me in his unique linguistic style?! Mostly my distaste sits squarely in the dismembered body parts and plastic tombstone genre. Have I become a graveyard snob? Where's Shari's gobliny spirit? I do have a thing for ethereal beings, skeletons and curiosity cabinet whats-its! Okay, found me "spiritus-Halloweenus"'s the dismembered body parts found 'round my place ->

I would obligingly do front yard behemoths if it were of this certain artist (Sonoma County area). I think I've posted about him. His name is Patrick Amiot. His neighbors each have a piece of his sculpture on their lawns.  When last we visited, I took a photo of this favorite - just for Halloween posting ->

Isn't she splendid?! and then I played around changing her into this for a greeting to send to our nearest and scariest ->

Hubby carved a pumpkin so that I could get my Halloween groove going. On a sort-of-Fall-like day, of which we haven't felt many, I was in the mood for a candle and jack-o-lantern lighting ->

already withering in the heat...
We've been invited to two pumpkin carving parties this weekend. I may bring this guy with the warts.....


 My postbox had an adorable treat waiting for me the other day ->

My dear San Francisco gals are gathering for Fall Birthdays!  I cannot wait! I can feel my


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  1. What a sweet pumpkin Joey carved for you!!!